A civil discussion on how “taking one for the team” in the workplace is fallacious utter bullshit created by greedy corporate assholes

Morning folks.

Hobbled my busted back into work courtesy of my loving husband who drove me because he didn’t want me driving on muscle relaxers.

A my job, I’m the “petty cash custodian” which means I’m in charge of all things petty cash, including getting said check cashed when we run out.

Check has my name on it… well, my new name… and I haven’t gotten it switched with my bak yet. Yada yada.

My boss has been anti-mileage because we have the van, but expects me to clock out, use my own vehicle, and get a not-my-money-company-check cashed…. without paying me mileage or time. On my way home.

Oh fuck no.

Her rationale: “you have to give a little”.

Dude. I do not work off company time in my personal vehicle.

Last week, I got to travel to south Florida for training at our regional office and got to have a nice long chat with boss’ boss’ boss. I made a comment along the lines of “oh, I was out Friday sick and Bosslady was blowing up my phone.”

Boss’ boss’ boss straight up said that wasn’t allowed and I could legit sue for it.

Yesterday, I got the series of messages from my boss:

Boss: how are you feeling?

Started typing out a message and the next one comes in

Boss: did you do x, y, z.

I just started pushing the back space and didn’t respond.

Because I was told I wouldn’t have to respond if I wasn’t being paid.

Now, in relationships of non monetary types (friendships, family, romance) I am willing to compromise and sacrifice as I see fit.

But if this is a working relationship, to quote Rihanna, “bitch better have my money”.

In addition, I do purchasing and apparently when tell someone that $144 worth of erasible pens is unreasonable when I ordered some for you last month and you shouldn’t distribute them to other staff who aren’t allowed to have them because they fade in the sun and I’m not getting them for you is contentious. As well as you can’t order air fresheners because a) folks like myself are allergic and will do this not breathing thing, which ain’t cool because it takes EMS 30 minutes to get out here and b) we can’t have them per company rules. Lysol, yes. Febreeze, no. It’s what happens when you work with children.

Apparently them’s fighting words.

I’m tired of this place.

My boss is also freaking out that me and HB are baby making and I will be taking a full 12 weeks of maternity leave upon delivery.


So, work frustrates me.

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