On how teen pregnancy is unfair when you are trying to conceive in your 30’s

Cause I can’t get my brain to stop working.

General warning — discussing sex.

You know what grinds my gears — my cousin got pregnant at 16. Had sex like twice. My brother was an accident when my mom was 18. My aunt had a whoops with my cousin at 17. My Nana oopsed with my dad at 16 and my other nana got kocked up with my mom right out of Catholic school.

I spent the entirety of my sexual activity up until two months ago trying to avoid the pregnancy pitfalls of my family — getting pregnant on accident.

Now, I’m going to be 31 in nine days and my HB is 33 and we’re trying to have a baby.

I got my IUD out on 7/22. I had been taking prenatal vitamins since may. No drinking. Exercising. Trying to eat right.

I was hopeful the month I got Mirena out. I had a period the week following, followed all my body’s ovulation signals and we went for it.

I was hopeful… because my period was late. 19 days late to be exact. But it was a big fat negative. I legit took 6 pregnancy tests, one of which had a faint line that turned out to be an evaporation line.

And my subsequent true first period after Mirena was effing awful. I cramped up on the way home from walmart while driving and hyperventilated the whole way back. I ate nsaids like candy. Ugh.

I jokingly blamed my pain on my husband.

Obviously, my cycle was still jacked up from my Mirena and I was running roughly 48 day cycles.

This month I didn’t even pay attention to my app and just went with my body’s signals — feeling erascible, mucus checks, body temp.

My app says I’m supposed to start my period in the next week, which is taken with a grain of salt.

But, it just feels anticlimactic. I figured with how fertile my family is I wouldn’t have trouble. Maybe putting too much thought into it?

Also, I’m nesting like whoa. I have pinterest boards dedicated to baby stuff and my own plans.

Things I know I want:

  • Cloth diapers
  • Breastfeeding
  • Making my own baby food
  • Nursery set up

I’m just ready. I hope I’m not stressing too much.

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