The mental progression of healing or how having a back injury makes you crazy


HB picked me up from work and I just immediately ate and crashed. Something gave me hard core heart burn all day… but that’s beside the point.

I hate how my brain goes into uber creative mode when can’t do a damned creative thing because my spine and surrounding muscles are in no shape to undertake said creative plans.

Unless it involves crochet or model painting.

Yep. I did that a few weeks ago and now working on two similar pieces of Warhammer 40k terrain.

Also, learned how to do circle afghans. Mostly he hard point is knowing how to increase each row, whereas I was doing a double crochet in each hole and ending up with what I can only describe as a frilly crocheted barbie skirt. Apparently you increase x number of stitches each echelon/tier/circumference where X is the original number of stitches you start with. Mine was 12, so each circumference I would add twelve stitches throughout by counting the progressions of stitches…

But I don’t have a picture because I’m upstairs in bed resting my spine and my afghan is downstairs.

Maybe later.

But I was bored at work and pinteresting my mack daddy projects I can’t do because of my healing back injury — the living room floor, hallway closet, hallway and office floor, and window seat in the den.

Living room floor comes first. We have a solid inch between the previous laminate tounge and groove crap/giant patch of ply board from fixing th floor some months back. The plan is to lay down .5″ ply board over the whole shebang to level and flush everything out, then ou hardwood laminate down. We chose the top clor because it matched the red cedar trim (which I have begrudgingly came to love because tearing it out would mean I need to become an expert at finishing drywall immediately.)

And this is ou living room color:

Which we finished this past weekend and it is beautiful.

I want to make some reclaimex packing crate entertainment center shelves (stained red oakish).

And then the final touch is to shave down the popcorn ceiling, paint it a flat white, then add some horizontal stained boards to give it a modern farmhouse vibe.

And you know what… I can’t do any little fucking bit of that because I fucked up my back and am on bed rest.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is inflamed and herniated.

*le sigh*


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