Well, seeing as how I’m back into crocheting and with the impending hurricane induced power outage, I have plenty of cures for boredom

Morning folks.

Still on the mend from my back problem and redoubled my low carb efforts because I need to take this weight off my spine.

Looks like we’re getting a hurricane

HB and I are planning and such. Mostly need to get more water as we are on a well and if the power goes out we won’t have water. Also, batteries and baby wipes… because a whore bath is better than no bath.

Very fortunate also that we have a gas stove :-).

But all and all, just trying to see if I can get a hurricane vacation the rest of the week.

I’ve upped my crochet game. My new favorite things are circle blankets.

Right now I’m using baby bee yarn which is a little harder to work with than the ubiquitous red heart or even the sugarwheel I used for this one:

So, I figure when the power goes out, I will crochet by candle light. What I’m not looking forward to most when it comes to hurricanes is the lack of AC — south Georgia + humidity + 90 degree temps = bad juju.

But yeah, I can crochet without power and hopefully my work let’s us off tomorrow so we can buy supplies before everything becomes a shitshow.

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