Playing hookie, but not really though because I have a legitimate back injury but on the mend

Afternoon folks!

Totally took today off. I think I over did it at work yesterday because by the end of the day I was a hurting unit.

This morning I texted my Bosslady at 5am and let her k ow I way over did it yesterday and was paying for it today and I was gonna sit this one out.

No big.

Took my prednisone and flexeril and 800mg advil and went back to sleep.

Slept until 10am and just needed to get up and go. I went to hobby lobby to pick up one more skein of Yarn Bee Sugarwheel in peach butter glaze to finish off the fringes of my circle afghan.

I was gonna post this last night, but I didn’t want to get up to get a picture.

I did get six more skeins of yarn for another project less flamboyant than this. I may gift it. Not sure yet.

I rarely finish crochet projects which is sad; I start and get really into it and then put it down and forget. So, this project has been particularly satisfying.

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