Random tangles of incomprehensibility going on in my cranium whilst immeasurably stoned on muscle relaxers


Well, after my ubiquitous er visit last night due to being unable to walk, I am couch ridden on nsaids, steroids and muscle relaxers. With my wonderful and accomodating husband who is currently making chicken bone broth in the crock pot for egg drop soup… with sautéed veggie noodles.

I wanted to discuss some reasons I nuked my blog. I stated earlier I didn’t think my blog reflected who I was. I felt like I was wring for other people and not for me. I felt I couldn’t get out what I needed to get out to accomplish what I need from blogging. I needed to work through my shit, but then I started having to curate my thoughts because I was afraid. I’m a coward.

In this point in my life I don’t want to be afraid of what others think of me. I want to get the horrible anxiety thoughts out. But I was accused of complaining, being petty, being overly dramatic. All those things.

But, see… I put my mental garbage here. This is my therapy. These are things I want to talk about.

That’s all.

3 thoughts on “Random tangles of incomprehensibility going on in my cranium whilst immeasurably stoned on muscle relaxers

  1. We are all allowed to fucking complain once in awhile. And overdramatic because we’re fucking WOMEN..it’s kind of our job to be overdramatic once in awhile. And I can’t think of a single person who has never, EVER been perfect and never ever been petty (in either thought, word or deed) in their entire damn life.

    That’s why I ban anyone who leaves me shitty comments. Because I don’t need that in my life, on my blog where I get shit out and talk about the stuff I want to talk about instead of having to talk about what everybody else wants to talk about all the damn time.

    Fuck the haters.

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